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Carla F. Hanibal CEO/Founder

An entrepreneur originally from Haiti created a brand that represents her: Strong, hard worker with a determination to make a difference in the fitness industry.A typical Capricorn! Her grandmother was the driving force that helped her realize that she is not bound to her fears with the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  With a background in Science, a BSc, majoring in Chemical Engineering and a subsequent MBA in global management to boot, Carla wasted no time in designing and creating her legacy, a Brand named 'TIKA FAYA'.  Carla Hanibal always wanted to become a business owner and was surrounded with mentors who were able to push her in the right direction. Determined to continue to contribute to the development of the Fitness Industry, Carla is solely focused on continuing to network and grow while crafting the best products that are and will continue to be beneficial to Fitness professionals and gym enthusiasts ALL over the world.

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