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TIKA FAYA  is activated by your elevated heart rate and help increase blood flow in the area that it is applied.  Increasing the blood flow in brown fat causes it to burn more calories.  (Source:American Physiological Society (APS))


 "The body has two types of adipose, or fat, tissue: white and brown. White fat stores energy. Obesity is characterized by too much white fat in the body. Brown fat uses energy to produce heat...  When brown fat is active and generating heat, blood flow increases to support it with enough oxygen and nutrients...  While white fat stories energy, brown fat burns it in a process known as 'thermogenesis'. When fully activated, just 100g of brown fat can burn 3,400 calories a day -- significantly higher than most people's daily food intake and more than enough to fight obesity. " 


Besides the above benefits, Tika Faya is formulated with the perfect blend of ingredients to also help reduce pain and swelling, increase energy,  help muscle recover faster and tighten the skin.


So perform better by not worrying about these things and accelerate your progress with Tika Faya!



Materials provided by University of Cambridge. The original story is licensed under a Creative Commons LicenseNote: Content may be edited for style and length.


Tika Faya can be used for men or women.  It is formulated with ingredients that provide benefits for any gender and age group. 

Simply rub a generous amount on the targeted area before activity begins.  Ensure that skin/area is clean.  Do not mix Tika Faya with any other product.  Keep away from sensitive areas.  Tika Faya is for external use only. 

Tika Faya can be worn with or without the sauna suit.  Wearing the sauna suit will help accelerate your progress even more.    Tika Faya can also be worn in the sauna.   Using Tika Faya  over any typical cream or lotion will inhibit results.


Store in a dry cool place.  Preferably room temperature or cooler.  If Tika Faya is exposed to heat, simply put in a cool place and wait for it to solidify.

Tika Faya can be worn as many times as desired during the day.   Using Tika Faya  over any typical cream or lotion will inhibit results.

Tika Faya can be used in and out of the gym.  Any activity that causes your heart rate to be elevated will allow Tika Faya to work.  Using Tika Faya  over any typical cream or lotion will inhibit results.

Tika Faya LLC currently can be purchased on our website at www.tikafaya.com and at www.walmart.com

Tika Faya is also based in Lagos, Nigeria and can be purchased at www.tikafayang.com


Tika Faya has several items to help make your fitness journey THE BEST one.  

Some items include: 


Tika Faya stimulating body wash

Tika Faya Waist Trimmer

Tika Faya Hicking Bag

Tika Faya boxing gloves and workout gloves

Tika Faya Boxing pad

Tika Faya Swag


 and much more...


We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.


To start a return, you can contact us at tikafayallc@gmail.com. If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.


When Tika Faya product is kept tightly sealed and in a dry cool place it will maintain its properties and will not expire.


Tika Faya will ship to anywhere in the world however additional shipping charges may apply.  Contact us and we will give you a shipping quote to your location.

Tika Faya headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and Lagos, Nigeria in Africa.

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